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When Kenneth James decided to set up Woodstock Builders Group, he did so with a very clear vision in mind. He had known for many years that trading within the refurbishments sector needed to be different. The quality of service needed to be better, the costing and communication with clients needed to improve and the personel who undertook the work needed to be professionaly qualified. So, with these ideals in place, and the backing of local tradespeople, Kenneth set up his business.

Since its launch, Woodstock Builders Group has gone from strength to strength, whilst keeping loyal to the values of honesty and hard work. Kenneths work ethic shines through on any project Woodstock undertakes. The Woodstock team listen to their clients needs and offer a tailored service. Their clients are always aware of the work being undertaken and ensure the client is never left feeling uncertain about their refurbishment.

The Woodstock family consists of both male and female tradesmen who work alongside Kenneth and come from his local area. They make up a team who can undertake any job put in front of them. We are happy to evaluate any project, regardless of size and put together a tailored package, tailored to your individual requirements. If you would like to speak to us, or get more details about Woodstock refurbishment, please visit our contact page.

The Woodstock Builders Group Ltd is made up as follows

Woodstock Builders Group LTD VAT 430 0277 43
Date of issue 31/12/22
Companies House 13609487 8/9/21